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Company participated in the MIDO exhibition on February 23-25, 2019. 

We attend this exhibition for understand laser machine technology trend and learn peer information, grasp the trends and development laws of international market development, and determine the correct development strategy of the company.Expand the international market and search local agent or partners,visit some local customer 

MIDO exhibition

LK laser laser cutting machine model :LK-QWF500 (800/100/1500) optical fiber laser cutting machine with automaitc cutting system which high precision and high wroking speed ,Fiber optics laser machine is to be used at  enterprises for high-speed cutting of sheet metal: carbon steel, "black" steel, stainless steel, brass, galvanized, chrome-plated metal. 

The Most Powerful Machine - Laser Cutting Machine

Model profile:

Laser cutting machine is using high-energy pulsed laser are focused with the auxiliary blow to fusing and gasify the partial of metal. so as to achieve the purpose of precise cutting. The product is high precision cutting, for precision workpiece cutting; cutting speed is 60 times more than line cutting;Heat-affected zone is small, not easily deformed workpiece, kerf is smooth, without subsequent processing; 

Feature : 

1.Automatic cutting system with high precision and high working speed 
2.The cutting speed reach to 12m/min that is 10 times with YAG laser cutting 
3.Diversified cutting, can process any graphic, can also cut coffins and other shaped materials
4.The cutting area can be customize by clients requirements 

Application & Material 
This model is fit for all metal cutting such as : stainless steel, alloy ,aluminum,zine,iron, etc, the operation desktop also can customize for a large sheet ,which is widely used in Car manufacturing ,marine industry, hardware,large equipment control,large mold manufacturing ,gift,jewelry ,and component etc,

 The Most Powerful Machine - Laser Cutting Machine

The Most Powerful Machine - Laser Cutting Machine


                                                                                       CE certificate

                Laser marking machine CE certificate                                      Laser welding machine CE certificate 

certificate            certificate

                                                                                       ISO 9001

certificate            certificate

Patent certificate

                                    Appearance Design Patent Certificate                                             


certificate                   certificate

   Utility model patent certificate

certificate                    certificate

Production department 

Office Working Enviroment       

Office Working Enviroment


Shenzhen Leikang Laser Technology Co.,Ltd  was founded in 2007 in Shenzhen ,China , we have resorted hi-tech talents and invest huge funds for laser research ,our company has grown into a global supplier of laser sources for not only welding, but also marking, cutting, which was high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, manufacturing and sales of laser products.

Over the years development ,our company laser machine which range covers :

Optical fiber laser marking machine series, CO2 laser marking machine , UV laser marking machine ,

YAG laser welding machine series ,optical fiber laser welding machine series ,

Tube laser cutting machine , metal plate laser cutting machine ........

The products of the company are applied to numerous industries such as the electronic industry, electrical equipment industry, watch industry, hardware industry, car accessories industry, clothing and leather industry, wood industry, organic glass industry, plastic industry, industrial detonator industry, tobacco industry, external packing industry for medicine and foods, and cosmetic and medical industry.

LK laser continually strives to enhance the quality ,technological innovation and production improvement, which enjoy high reputation in the inter-nation market ,our customer extend all over the globe ,such as :Australia, Pakistan,USA,Singapore,Philippine,Italy,India,Brazil,Egypt.........

LK laser purpose: satisfy customer requirements and pursuing excellence quality , we stand out in this field and would like to share mutual benefits with our customers and friends from all over the world.Welcome to contact us 

Our history
  • 2017

    In 2017, LK Laser is in the high speed development and progress in business and technical, Our laser system products lines become more complete and perfect. The Laser Marking Machine System Product lines (fiber laser marking machine, YAG laser welding machine ,high precision tube laser cutting machine ,handheld laser welding machine..... )

  • 2015

    In 2015, LK laser  attend the exhibition every year like: Canton Fair,Shenzhen Jewelry exhibition.......Absorb and learn the latest technology,comprehend direction of the broad potential maket in global market,customizes the machine according to customer requirements

  • 2010

    In 2010, LK Laser successfully replaced the traditional manufacturing process and meet the modern production high efficiency as the same time ,Company have established branches in Jiangsu, Zhejiang, and Taiwan and have internation agent in USA,Korean....

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