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Q: What’s laser marking machine?

A: The laser marking machine, also regarded as a laser etching machine, is undoubtedly one of the best marking tools available. It can be applied to etch a wide range of materials and leave permanent marks on their surfaces. Laser marking technology produces high-quality and easy-to-read permanent marks which are reliable to manufacturers and customers. These marks are hardly damaged by these laser marking machines, even in extreme working conditions, such as vapors, high temperatures, etc. Compared with traditional marking methods, laser marking is a non-contact process along with lower operating costs and material costs. In addition, by means of a laser marker, some other useful information can be added to your products, including codes, serial numbers, and texts, etc.


The 20W machine is mainly used for surface marking of plastic, stainless steel, aluminum and so on.

If the customer wants to engrave deeply, then a 30W machine will be a better choice. For all materials, aluminum is the easiest to achieve deep engraving.

If you want to do deep marking on brass, silver, or gold or cut it, you need to choose the 50watt. As you know, these materials are high-reflective materials. If you choose the lower watt, the marking speed is low.

Q: Which Materials Can Be Laser Marked?

A: As is known, we can engrave most metals thanks to Fiber Laser marking machines.  However,  this does not mean that these machines only mark metals. We have fiber laser,UV laser,CO₂ laser ,they can mark plastics (pet bottles), ceramics (marbles), leather,cloth,glass,silicon with laser marking method.

Q: How do i choose laser source?Fiber ,UV or CO₂ ?

A: Fiber laser is suitable for metal and some plastic,UV laser is suitable for plastic ,CO2 laser is suitable for wood,cloth,plastic, etc.

Q: How long does it take to assemble?

A: ① 30w is more durable than 20w , and 50w is more durable than 30w

     ② if marking same content on same materials, 50w marking speed is faster than 20w/ 30w

     ③ if marking same depth on same material, 50w marking time is shorter than 20w/ 30w

      In brief, big power laser machine have greater efficiency.

Q: What’s the biggest marking area of laser marking machine

A: 30*30mm~300*300m optional.

Q: What is the depth of my mark?

A: A mark's depth depends on the laser marker type, the parameters used to create the mark and the target material.

For example, the depth of a single mark on plastic can be easily controlled and varied (from a few microns to over 1mm). However, metal marks are typically only 10-90 μm deep, so deep engraving takes much longer to accomplish.

Thus, a wide variety of marking styles are available by simply changing the laser power and marking speed.

Q: Do you accept sample test?

A: Yes,sample test is free.

Q: When I received your machine ,but I don’t know how to use it,what should I do?

The training & technical support of LK Laser is as below:

1.Machine manual and Operation video will be provided with a machine.

2.Software manual will be provided in softcopy.

3.Initial parameters in the software will be set up so the machine is “ready to use”.

4.Online technical support requests will be Response within 1 hour during working time, we will guide you by email, telephone, or video chat.

5.Actually this laser marking machine is quite simple on an operation, most of our users can start to use the machine and learn well by themselves in a short time.

6.Engineer online technical support is available, visa, air tickets, accommodation, and local transportation fees will be on the client’s side. (Appointment needed )