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How to gold sliver copper 18k laser cutting name necklace?


Laser cutting precious metals like gold, silver, and copper, particularly in 18k, requires specific considerations due to the materials' properties. When working with these materials, it's essential to take extra care to ensure both the safety of the equipment and the integrity of the metals. Here's a general guideline to achieve this:

Material Preparation:

Obtain the 18k gold, silver, or copper sheet or plate in the appropriate thickness for your necklace. Ensure that the material is suitable for laser cutting.

Laser Cutting Settings:

When working with metals, especially precious ones, specific laser cutting parameters are crucial. Fine-tune the laser cutter's settings to effectively cut the chosen metal. This usually involves adjusting the power, speed, and frequency of the laser.

It's essential to use a gold laser cutting machine that's specifically designed or optimized for metal cutting, particularly for precious metals. These machines often use fiber lasers or other specialized systems.

Vector Design:

Create or obtain a vector file of the name you want to laser cut. Ensure that the design is precise and adjusted for the material's specific properties.


Given the cost and value of these materials, it's highly recommended to run a series of tests on scraps of the precious metal using various cutting settings to determine the optimal parameters. This will help minimize the risk of damaging the actual piece.

Laser Cutting:

Once you have the correct settings, carefully position your design on the metal and proceed with the laser cutting process. Pay close attention to the cutting process, ensuring that the equipment is working smoothly and the material is being cut accurately.

Post-Processing and Quality Check:

After cutting, the edges of the metal may need to be smoothed or finished to achieve the desired look. Check the finished product for quality, ensuring that the name necklace meets your expectations.

Safety and Professional Help:

Given the high value and specific considerations for working with precious metals, it may be advisable to seek professional assistance from jewelers or specialized metalworking shops with laser cutting capabilities.

When working with precious metals, especially in jewelry-making, precise handling and attention to detail are crucial to achieve the desired quality and outcome. Additionally, it's important to ensure the safety of both the operator and the material being worked on throughout the process.

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