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Medical Tube Laser Cutting Machine


Metal laser cutting: what is the minimum diameter of tube?
One of the most frequently asked questions about tube laser cutting is minimum cutting diameter and precision of medical tube. The minimum diameter we can cut is 0.3mm. Firstly, Our tube laser cutting machine adopt linear motor, magnetic suspend design, not like ball screw motor tube laser cutting machine, it with high precision and less problem after long time use. Secondly, We use marble platform otherwise metal sheet platform, it  wont deformed after long time use. We have cut many medical tube,such as hypotube catheter, snake bone tube, biopsy needle, piercing needle etc.  


What power should a laser have for cutting metals?
The tube laser cutting machine has 200w,500w, 1000w and 1500w power. 200w and 500w mainly for thin tube cutting, such as stent, snake tube bone, 1000w and 1500w mainly for ultrasonic knife.

Laser for metal cutting: which is the best one based on the thickness
When it comes to laser cutting machine of metal, it is always necessary to distinguish between different type of laser system: CO2 laser and fiber laser. Choosing the right system is essential for achieving the best performance. Fiber laser cutting is a newer technology in medical tube cutting.It has many advantages, including high speed and precision, lower maintenance cost.