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What are the advantages of small laser medical round tube specialised cutting machine?


Small laser medical tube cutting machine has many advantages, these advantages make it widely used in the medical field.

1, high precision: small medical tube laser cutting technology has a very high degree of accuracy and precision, can achieve micron-level cutting accuracy, suitable for the medical field in need of high-precision applications, such as medical device manufacturing and implant processing.

2, non-contact: small medical tube laser cutting is a non-contact processing method, does not require direct contact with the workpiece, so you can reduce the cutting process on the workpiece damage and contamination, suitable for medical applications requiring high purity of materials.

3, fine cutting: small laser medical round tube cutting machine can achieve very fine cutting, suitable for minimally invasive surgical instruments, micro-implants and other manufacturing.

4, high degree of automation: these cutting machines can usually be integrated with automation systems to automate the production process, improve productivity and consistency.

5, material adaptability: small medical tube laser cutting technology is suitable for a variety of metal materials, making it widely applicable in the manufacture of medical devices.

6, fine processing: small medical tube laser cutting can achieve very fine processing, such as micro-holes, micro-structures, etc., suitable for some need to fine processing of medical devices and components.

7, no tool replacement: Compared with traditional cutting methods, small medical tube laser cutting does not require cutting tools, to avoid tool wear and replacement of downtime and costs.

8, flexibility: small medical tube laser cutting machine can be designed according to the requirements of flexible cutting shape and path, suitable for personalised custom medical device production.


It should be noted that although small laser medical tube special cutting machine has many advantages, but there may also be some limitations, such as the higher cost of equipment, in the selection and application of laser cutting technology, you need to comprehensively consider the advantages and limitations, to ensure that it can maximise to meet the needs of the medical field.


Application scope of Shenzhen LeiKang medical tube special laser cutting machine: automobile, aviation, motorbike engine industry in the spool, slide valve, oil filter tube and other tube devices such as laser cutting, drilling, marking and other micromachining fields, suitable for different tube length, wall thickness, diameter, shape and other engine tube devices high-speed high-precision automatic machining.


Product parameters:

Equipment Type
Max. Working Speed
300mm/s (X-axis) ; 100mm/s (Z-axis) ; 600rpm (θ-axis) ; the actual running speed depends on the product to be processed
It is determined by the material characteristics (material, pipe diameter, wall thickness) and the complexity of the graphics
± 5 um (X-axis) ; ± 15 arcsec (θ-axis) ; ± 5 um (Z-axis)
± lum(X1 axis); ± 3 arcsec(θ axis); ± lum(Z axis)
Mini Width Of Cutting Slit
20 um (generally the slit width is 20um~30um)
Consistency Of Cutting Slit
± 5 um (3σ)
Laser Type
Max. Power
Customization by client requirement
Laser Beam
Stable Of Power
<±3% ( continuous working 8 hours )
304,316L, nickel-titanium alloy, cobalt-base alloy, pure metals such as iron and magnesium alloy
Thickness And Length
0~1.0±0.01 mm 1/the length not limit
0.3-16±0.02 mm ( the pipe of diamaters must be within ±0.02 mm or depend on actual diamater to customization )
Power Supply
Voltage: 220V±10%, frequency 50Hz; Current: AC 15A (main circuit breaker)
Graphic Format Supported
About 1200mmx1 500mmx 1850mm
About 1500Kg
Machine Form