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Why Choose a Handheld Laser Welding Machine?


In our impression, welders are holding protective masks and need to wear insulating shoes and heavy gloves. When holding heavy welding tongs, there are still many sparks flying around in front of the eyes. Unskilled people often let the electrodes be sucked by the electrodes.


Since the hand-held laser was launched, it has been sought after by many industrial circles, because the hand-held welding machine has many advantages compared with traditional welding equipment, let us understand the hand-held welding machine of Leikang Machinery Equipment


1. The handheld welding gun can weld the objets at any angle

2. High photoelectric conversion efficiency and low consumption, which can save a lot of proessing costs

in long term processing.

3. Small welding influence area, no welded object deformed and black. The handheld welding machine

has large welding depth, it's firm welding andsufficient melting,

4. Excellent beam quality, high welding speed, firm and beautiful weld seam, providing users an fficient

and perfect welding solution.

5. Wide range of weldable materials: welding all kinds of advertising letters, lightings and mould industries, optoclectronic

communication devices, medical, eletronics, copper parts, aluminum parts and small

welding processing industries.

6. Break through the limitations of workpiece shape and processing environment: small solder joints, small heat-affected area: no need to set up a welding table, small footprint, flexible processing, fast welding speed, and can be moved for long-distance operations without being limited by environmental space.


Leikang laser hand-held continuous laser welding machine has fast welding efficiency, compact machine and convenient operation, which greatly improves work efficiency. Hand welding, flexible and convenient, welding

The distance is longer. Replace the previously fixed optical path with a hand-held welding torch. This mode of operation is not only more convenient for the welding of molds, advertising characters, kitchen utensils and other products, but also makes

Laser welding becomes possible in outdoor operation.