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Automatic Battery Pack Laser Welding Machine

Video LinkModel :LK-GQF

Power options : 1000W /1500W/2000W/3000W
Handheld laser battery welding which suit for battery repair store with lower cost and machine easy to control 
manual method easy to operation 

24 Month maintenance

Fast delivery

24 Hour treatment

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Battery Laser Welding Machine Battery Cell Laser Welding Machine
Battery Pack Welding Machine
Manual Battery Pack Laser Welding Machine
2000W Battery Laser Welding Machine
Fiber Battery Laser Welding Equipment

Feature :

Handheld battery laser welding, specifically, is a handheld lithium battery laser welding machine. It uses laser beam as a thermal source to weld the lithium battery. This device is widely used in the production and maintenance of lithium batteries. The following is its main role and advantage:

Hand -held battery laser welding is mainly used for the welding of lithium batteries, which can achieve precise welding of lithium batteries. In the field of manufacturing, it is often used in the links of battery packaging and polar ear welding, which greatly improves the quality and production efficiency of the product. In the field of maintenance and maintenance, it is used for battery disassembly and battery repair, which helps reduce maintenance costs and time.

1. High efficiency: fast laser welding speed, can complete a large amount of welding work in a short time, significantly improve production efficiency.

2. High -precision: Laser welding technology can achieve millimeter -level welding accuracy, accurately control welding depth and width, and reduce errors.

3. Low damage: Laser welding has a small damage to lithium batteries, which helps increase the product's good product.

4. Portability: Handheld design makes the equipment easy to carry, suitable for welding operations in various complex environments, and get rid of venue restrictions.

5. Precision welding: Laser welding technology has the characteristics of precise control and can achieve precision welding of fine components.

6. Safe and environmental protection: There is no need to use welding agents during laser welding, which reduces the emissions of harmful substances and is conducive to ensuring the health of the operator.

7. Low maintenance costs: simple equipment structure, convenient maintenance, and reduced long -term use costs.

8. Strong adaptability: Handheld lithium battery laser welding machine is suitable for a variety of welding materials and scenes, which improves the flexibility of production.

In summary, hand -held battery laser welding in the welding field of lithium batteries has significant advantages, which can improve welding efficiency, accuracy and quality, and reducing production costs and environmental pollution. It is one of the important directions for future welding technology development.

Laser power

1000W/ 1500W/2000W/3000W options 

Laser Type

 fiber laser 

Focus mode



 manual rake frame 500mm

Visual system

 red light



Cooling method

Water cooling

Machine size


Package size


Machine net weight


Machine gross weight


1 Protective goggles

1 Power cable 

1 data cable

1 tool kit

1 U disk