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Fiber Laser Welding Machine

Video Link Model :LK-SWF

Power options : 1000W/1500W/2000W/3000W

Machine could welding material: metal, aluminum ,stainless steel ,cooper ,titanium  ........

CNC control system ,High speed welding ,automatic control,

precision working with high efficiency

24 Month maintenance

Fast delivery

24 Hour treatment

Production video

Product Details


Technician Specification

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Feature :

1.Machine system

Adopt CADDSP welding software could be programming welding process on machine system to achieve automatic welding and suit for batch product welding

2. CNC working table

 automatic laser welding machine,which have XYZ axis and C axis , also could customization with fixture ,  this model welding automatic by CNC control system

3.High efficiency

working principle is to generate high temperature by continuous pulse laser focusing, melt stainless steel material or titanium alloy, equipped with professional computer software automation system to realize integral one-time welding.

4.Visual system

welding head with standard 8-inch  CCD coaxial monitoring, which is convenient mm for observing the welding effect.




Max. Laser Power                                


Laser Type                                       

Optical fiber

Laser Wavelength                               


Laser Welding Depth                             


Sighting Positioning System                  

Red light ,CCD camera

Cooling system                      

External Water cooling

Integrity Power                                  


Power Supply                                     



3,000,000 times

Machine size

Machine :1340*1100*1595mm

chiller: 870*610*1150mm

Package size


Machine net weight


Machine gross weight


1 pcs goggles

3pcs protective lends

3 pcs water cable

1 pcs gas cable