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QCW Laser Welding Machine

Video Link Model :LK-GQW

Power options : 75W /150W /300W 
QCW lasers are ideal for a variety of industrial applications that require long pulse widths and high peak values, such as spot welding, seam welding, etc.
This product is designed to replace some YAG lasers in welding applications to reduce and minimize maintenance costs.

24 Month maintenance

Fast delivery

24 Hour treatment

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Metal laser welding machine
QCW laser welding machine
sensor laser welding machine
automatic laser welder
probe laser welding machine

Feature :

1. High peak power: The Q-adjusting pulse laser can generate high-power pulses in a short time, thus achieving high energy density, making it have excellent performance in material processing, marking, engraving and other applications.

2. Ultra-short pulse width: The pulse width of the Q-pulse laser can be short to the nanosecond level, which makes the laser have a high time resolution and has great advantages for ultra-fine machining and rapid reaction systems.

3. Excellent beam quality: Q-pulse lasers usually have good beam quality, such as TEM00 mode, which can achieve high focusing and accurate machining.

4. High stability and reliability: The Q-adjusted pulse laser adopts a full solid state design, simple structure, strong anti-interference ability, and can maintain stable output power and performance under various environmental conditions.

5. Wide application: Q pulse lasers are widely used in many fields, such as material processing, marking, engraving, biomedicine, chemical analysis, environmental sciences, life sciences, new material research, etc.

6. Energy saving and environmental protection: The Q-pulse laser has a high energy conversion efficiency, which can reduce the energy consumption of the laser under the same processing effect, thus reducing operating costs and being environmentally friendly.

In a word, the Q-pulse laser has the advantages of high power, ultra-short pulse width, excellent beam quality, high stability, wide application fields, energy conservation and environmental protection, making it play an important role in the laser field.

Laser power

75W/ 150W/ 300W

Laser Type

QCW pulse fiber laser 

Focus mode

 automatic /semi -automatic 

Axis stroke

XYZ-   200*200*200mm

Visual system

CCD monitor & red light

Z axis accuracy


Position accuracy


Max speed


Repeat accuracy




Cooling method

Water cooling

Machine size


Package size


Machine net weight


Machine gross weight


1 foot switch

10 protective lens 

1 Protective goggles

1 Power cable 

1 data cable

1 tool kit

1 U disk