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Battery Laser Welding Machine

Video Link Model :LK-LWF

Power options : 1000W /2000W /3000W/ 6000W
Machine with gantry structure stable platform for battery welding 
XYZ axis and span of structure can be modified according welding needs 
Provide stability and ensure the safety of battery welding ,forces evenly 

24 Month maintenance

Fast delivery

24 Hour treatment

Production video

Product Details


Technician Specification

Packing List

battery laser welding machine
laser welding machine for lithium ion batteries
battery pack laser welding machine
 li ion battery laser welding machine

Feature :

1.Gantry Structure
High load-bearing capacity: The design of the gantry structure allows it to support heavy loads and withstand significant forces. This makes it suitable for applications that require lifting or moving heavy objects.

2.Flexibility and adjustability

Can be customized and adjusted to meet specific requirements. The height, width, and span of the structure can be modified according to the needs of the application, providing flexibility in various settings.


3.Safety and stability 

designed to provide stability and ensure the safety of operations. By distributing loads and forces evenly, it minimizes the risk of structural failure or accidents.

Laser power


Laser Type

Fiber laser / Nanosecond laser 

Focus mode

 automatic /semi -automatic 

Axis stroke

XYZ-  800*500*400mm

Visual system

CCD monitor & red light

Z axis accuracy


Position accuracy


Max speed


Repeat accuracy




Cooling method

Water cooling

Machine size


Package size


Machine net weight


Machine gross weight


1 foott switch

10 protective lens 

1 Protective goggles

1 Power cable 

1 data cable

1 tool kit

1 U disk