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High accuracy tube laser cutting machine


Power options : 300W /500W /1000W/1500W

Application Materials : Fast speed cutting on stainless steel tube, aluminum tube, cooper pipe, brass pipe ..... (all metal tube)

Product Advantages : Reliable solutions for producing precision cutting of metals tube.

High power levels, improved maintenance and better functionality

superior edge quality, tight dimensional tolerances and high production

24 Month maintenance

Fast delivery

24 Hour treatment

Production video

Product Details


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fiber laser cutting machine for metal pipe tube
fiber laser sheet metal and tube cutting machine
metal sheet and tube laser cutting machine
metal tube laser cutting sheet machine
Feature :

1.Macrals of outting platorm: The cutting plartform is made of gaite columm cantilever strueture make
sure high precision and more stability

2.Working platform: The machine is working by high precision pipe processing cutting platform. The
cutting platform is including 360° rotary axis which can customization depend on client's requiement

3.Laser master : This model also can work with every high performance optical fiber master, which
specialized for cutting any thinness metal pipe.

4.Laser cutting header: The laser cutting head can be customize by client requiement

5.CNC software system : All the zaxis control by driving motor and srvos motor; faster response, working
with high precision; it can contact with difference external equipment and another software. The system
suppot 2D image and easy to operation

6.Advantage: The machine offer engine pipe automatics rotary processing and high precision fixture
rotary cutting; provide air-extracter for dust clean

Laser power

1000W /1500W /2000W ......

Max.working speed



± 5 um (X) ; ± 15 arcsec ( θ) ; ± 5 um (Z)


± l um(X1); ± 3 arcsec(θ); ± l um(Z)

Mini Width Of Cutting Slit

20 um

Consistency Of Cutting Slit

± 5 um (3σ) 

Laser Type

Fiber laser



Laser Beam



304,316L, nickel-titanium alloy, cobalt-base alloy, pure metals such as iron and magnesium alloy

Thickness And Length

0~1.0±0.01 mm 1/the length not limit


0.3-16±0.02 mm


1200mmx1 500mmx 1850mm