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Jewelry Laser Cutting Machine

Video Link Model :LK-SPW

Power options : 1000W /2000W /3000W

Fast speed cutting on gold, silver and brass, (all metal)

Reliable solutions for producing precision cutting of precious metals.

High power levels, improved maintenance and better functionality

superior edge quality, tight dimensional tolerances and high production

24 Month maintenance

Fast delivery

24 Hour treatment

Production video

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Jewelry laser cutting machine 1000W
Jewelry laser cutting machine structure
gold laser cutting machine
Silver laser cutting machine
jewelry laser cutting machine for sale

Feature :

1.200*200mm working area

Machine with full enclosed cabinet special for jewelry industry laser cutting machine with small working area ,enclosed door with safety window &lamp its could observing cutting condition and avoid precision metal consume 


2.Anti-high-reflective components

Brass ,aluminum,gold silver and brass material are all highly reflective material, and machine adopt anti-high reflective components :laser source, laser cutting head .......which make cutting jewelry material more efficiency and more easy


3.Auto-focus cutting head

 Compatible with high-performance fiber lasers that different  brands and different types. It is suitable for precision thin-wall laser processing requirements of different material thickness and material series. It is easy to switch according to different customer requirements.: system upgrade and maintenance ensure high Quality product processing requirements


4.CypCut Control System

Support up to 5-stage piercing technique, segment and stepping piercing patterns.Support advanced functions of find workpiece edge, auto focus control, dual shuttle, .......
Interlocking Monograms,Circle Monograms,Name Necklaces ,Complex Custom Designs
Pendants & Charms,Intricate Patterns,Custom One-Of-A-Kind Parts

Laser power


Laser Type

Fiber laser 

Focus mode

Auto-focus cutting head

Axis stroke


High precision cutting head


Z axis accuracy


Position accuracy


Max speed


Repeat accuracy


Marking software 


Cooling method

Water cooling

Machine size


Package size


Machine net weight


Machine gross weight


1 Remote control 

5 cutting nozzles

1 Protective goggles

1 Power cable 

1 data cable

1 tool kit

1 U disk